4 Teenage girls vs. 1 Photographer and a week in Orlando!

Some people might say I am a little nuts, but that couldn’t be true at all! All perfectly normal people invite 4 teenage girls to their house for a week.. don’t they?

ok.. so maybe Im a little crazy!

During July I was driving back and froth from Orlando to Charleston  I decided what would make the summer more fun would be to bring 4 of my favorite senior girls to orlando for the week. Maybe a photoshoot or two, a little pool time and a whole heck of a lot of fun… even more surprising their parents agreed!!!

So here is our week!

Our day of driving, You had to stop for the Florida state sign picture! I was supposed to be in it but our friend Michael, an elder man at the rest stop was not skilled at taking cell photos.
Through the drive we entertained people with our fabulous head gear… the alligator and fireman hats… and we were tormented by bees who followed us from Georgia to Florida!


Pool time with my kiddos!


Even Dixon got love!

We seemed to pick up new models everywhere we went!!

2 someones forgot their tickets to get in…. banished back to the car! (just kidding we let them in)

Cell phone picture of all of my favorite girls!

Never, ever are you too old for Dumbo!

Noone loves Gaston… more than Gaston

I promise… we are a nice, normal family!

They all kidnapped me and took me to dinner!

My crazy little Emily!

The High School Musical jump!



Orlando Senior Portrait Photographer

Collette Mruk Portrait Studios

I hope you enjoyed this Orlando Senior Portrait session, featuring a Teen Session.

Collette Mruk Photography specializes in Wedding and Senior portraiture and is located in Orlando, Florida. Serving Central Florida and Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Orlando and Tampa

as well as travels to California, Charleston… and Internationally!



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