Pearljam and Noodles ~ My favorite session of 2012


I think any photographer will tell you that shooting your own family is the hardest thing to do. I’m not exactly sure why it’s that way but more often I seem to have a better time getting a root canal.

That said 2012 went by and I never photographed my own children. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, it’s just there was always next weekend or when we go shopping, after that haircut. The excuses were everywhere.

So here we were me and the girls on Christmas break and I realized I had excused my way outta it.

So after some bribing, some new clothes, some more bribing I was able to get a few shots of my girls.

Quickly these are my favorite shots of 2012. Not cause they are perfect, it wasn’t the pose or the light… simply because we had the best time together! We laughed and played the whole afternoon.

So these are my babies…. or as I usually refer to them…. the crazies…. Pearljam and Noodles!

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